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Post-Convening Survey

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Photo/Video Release:

AXIS Dance Company is a non-profit arts organization and therefore we rely on our outreach and media efforts to engage our publics and share our work. From time to time, we require photographs, videos and other images of people involved in our programs, events, workshops and classes. The purpose of these images is to support AXIS Dance Company.

I hereby give AXIS Dance Company and all persons acting under AXIS’ permission the right to use my name, picture, portrait, photograph and video. I waive any right to inspect or approve the photograph(s) or video(s) or any collateral incorporating the photograph(s) or video(s). I agree that the photographer or AXIS Dance Company owns the copyright to these photographs in all cases.

All revenue generated by the distribution of said photograph(s) and/or video (s) will be used for the sole support of outreach, educational programs, and performance expenses of AXIS Dance Company, a non-profit tax-exempt organization.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

I agree to hold harmless AXIS Dance Company, against any and all injuries, cost, losses, damages, and expenses (including attorney's fees) which I might suffer from participation in the West Coast Regional Convening on Physically Integrated Dance.

By signing this agreement I understand and am waiving any claims, liens, demands, or causes of action, which I may now or in the future possess against AXIS Dance Company arising out of or in any way related to my participation in the West Coast Regional Convening on Physically Integrated Dance.

Release of Contact Information (Optional):

AXIS Dance Company encourages attendees of the West Coast Regional Convening to share their contact information with other participants. By including my email address below, I agree that my contact information may be disseminated among guests of this event. I understand that this is optional and will omit my email address if I would not like to be contacted.

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