AGENDA LOCATION                



Agenda, December 10, 2016:

9am-10am                   Registration
10-10:45am                 Welcome, introductions, movement exercise
10:45-11:45am           Introduction to the National Convening & Q&A with AXIS Artistic Director Judith Smith  
                                      and Convening consultant Jennifer Calienes
11:15-11:30am           Break
11:30am-12:15pm     AXIS Guest Director Marc Brew - What we can learn from UK models for integrated arts
12:15-1pm                  Lunch (provided)
1-2pm                          Panel on regional issues and ideas - Working to advance inclusion in the West Coast region
2-3pm                          Breakout groups:
                                      Expanding training opportunities for West Coast dancers
                                      Qualities of ideal West Coast, National, and International platforms for inclusive dance  
                                      Enhancing choreographic training programs for West Coast Choreographers
3-4pm                          Report-backs and closing
4-5pm                          Informal reception