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Join the Board of Directors

AXIS is seeking ambassadors of physically-integrated dance. Ever want to be an ambassador of dance and disability within your community? Ever desire to effect change in making dance accessible to everyone regardless of physical ability? AXIS offers a unique opportunity for individuals to help spread the word and gain visibility and national support for our work, and for this rare dance form through membership on our Board.

Previous Board or other relevant experience is very helpful. Staff will meet with interested candidates so they can feel informed of who AXIS is and what we do. 

Contact  and view the AXIS Board Membership Guide for more information.

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Volunteer with Friends of AXIS

Friends of AXIS Volunteers help to create a sense of place and of community among many AXIS supporters.  Friends of AXIS convene to plan events that will encourage a robust audience base and individual donor support for ongoing AXIS dance performances and education programs for people with and without disabilities.  They will engage in a number of activities based on various committee member’s interests, time and resources. 

Volunteers may also choose to focus their efforts on any of the following:

  • EVENTS TEAM: Support annual benefit event and performance events.
  • OFFICE TEAM: Support office team with research and admin projects.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS TEAM: Supports Marketing staff in communication surrounding fundraising, performances and events.

Contact for more information. 

We are so grateful to the following friends and all they give on behalf of AXIS:

Jan Garrett
Susanna Chau
Dawn Fairbanks
Ellen Goldstein
Alison Kosinski
Chuck McAvoy
Enver Rahmanov
Danae Rees
Laurie Sanchez
Yael Schy

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