SPOKES is a network of people connected to AXIS who care about amplifying the message of Physically-Integrated dance, about seeing that message carried out.  

#SPOKESPeople are from all over the world working together  to shift cultural perspectives by public conversation rallying for important projects in our community. We are dancers, disability rights activists, audience members, students, parents, and community members who believe everyone can dance. Becoming a #SPOKESPerson is a great way to get involved with AXIS and the wider mission of Physically-Integrated Dance. We're always listening to be in dialogue with you about how we can work with new voices.

Join the Network by taking and adhering to following pledge and letting us know about you in the form below:


The SPOKES Pledge

  • I pledge to encourage others to dance and act on the world to allow for those others' agencies to do so.
  • I pledge to use the #SPOKESNetwork and #SPOKESPeople hashtag to draw attention to great things happening in our community.
  • I pledge to Like, Share, and Comment words of support for things with the #SPOKESNetwork hashtag  
  • I pledge to engage in active dialogue with AXIS and the rest of the community we will foster together; providing my unique bodily experience to the forefront of the table
  • I pledge to learn about and help elevate the disabled voices and expressions of my neighbors in the 
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