AXIS is an internationally renowned repertory company. We are honored to commission some of the most highly respected contemporary choreographers who create new dances for us. The following are the works that are available for performance. If you are a presenter interested in booking AXIS Dance Company, please contact Robin Anderson at

Radical Impact (2017)

Choreography by Artistic Director Marc Brew

Original composition by JooWan Kim's of Oakland-based Hip Hop Orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj.

Brew's work comes alive with Kim's original score for a string quartet. Radical Impact explores what it means to be human through music and movement, investigating themes around identity. The work draws on each dancer's unique experiences and how their stories can be told through the medium of dance.


The Reflective Surface (2013)

Choreographed by Amy Seiwert

Original score composed by Darren Johnston

Bay Area choreographer Amy Seiwert pushes AXIS to a new level of rigor – beginning with a ballet foundation and transforming it with her unique quirkiness, kineticism and layered partnering. This quartet incorporates new risks for both AXIS and Amy.


Historias Rotas/Broken Stories (2018)

Concept & Direction by Nadia Adame

Choreography devised by dancers in collaboration with Nadia Adame

This work explores how our stories start with our ancestors: their struggles, their tears and their smiles. They have paved our road and our journey contains their broken stories. We go through life gathering stories and collecting moments that become part of our baggage. We are who we are because of these moments and the people we encounter. Historias Rotas moves through these stories.


New Work 2019-2020

Flutter by Robert Dekkers
Quartet No. 1 by AXIS' Artistic Direct Marc Brew
Alice in Californiland by Arthur Pita (UK)



In Defense of Regret (2015) 

Choreography by Maurya Kerr, Alex Ketley and Bobbi Jene Smith
Music composition by Emily Adams and Matan Daskal

In Defense of Regret was collaboratively created by three separate choreographers, Maurya Kerr, Alex Ketley and Bobbi Jene Smith. Each Choreographer has a unique voice and interest in working with AXIS, but all three share a similar aesthetic sensibility regarding the idea that movement can be an amazing map of our interior landscapes, instead of creating dance through a more graphic or architectural vantage point.


Divide (2014)

Choreography by Marc Brew
Original Score by Caroline Penwarden

Divide draws inspiration from visual artist Carl Andre’s designs working in minimalism: Spill, 8 cuts and Copper Ribbon. Divide is an abstract work exploring the divide in human interaction in movement, space and time.




to go again (2015) 

Choreography by Joe Goode
Music composition by Ben Juodvalkis
Lighting design by Jack Carpenter

AXIS teams up with choreographer Joe Goode to create to go again, a new dance theater work that brings to light issues facing our nation’s veterans and their resilience following severe life changes.







The Gift (of Impermanence)
Film (2014)

Filming & Editing: Alex Ketley


Trio A Pressured #X (2014)

From Trio A, 1966 Choreography by Yvonne Rainer; repetiteur Linda K. Johnson

The re-staging of Yvonne Rainer's iconic Trio A. Famously protective of her work, Rainer has given permission to only a limited number of repetiteurs to stage the work, which for purposes of AXIS run will carry the title Trio A Pressured #X.








Dix minutes plus tard (2013)

Choreography Sonya Delwaide
Music Excerpt from Franz Schubert Andante for String Quartet No. 15 in G, D.887

This duet set to Schubert's Andante from the String quartet no 15 in G is Sonya Delwaide’s eighth work for AXIS Dance Company since 1998. Delwaide was the first choreographer from outside of AXIS to choreograph on the company. Her theatrical style and intricate partnering is evident in this dance for two women.




AXIS offers mind-opening youth show and assembly performance programs showcasing innovative choreography that emphasizes collaboration among people of all physical abilities. Youth performances include interactive participation by audience members, excerpts from the company's repertory, and a candid Q&A with AXIS dancers about dance and disability. 

Just Add Water (2014)

Choreographed by Sophie Stanley
Text by Sophie Stanley
Sound Editing by Julie Crothers

Just Add Water is a whimsical how-to guide for making and appreciating dance. A blend of poetry and camp, this work is intended for a young audience but can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to demystify the dance making process! 



While the following works are not currently available for touring, we invite you to explore our archival footage. Please contact AXIS staff if you are interested in commissioning the remounting of a specific work  from our repertory. 


Divide (2014)

This world premiere from Guest Artistic Director Marc Brew draws inspiration from visual artist Carl Andre’s designs working in minimalism: Spill, 8 cuts and Copper Ribbon. Divide is an abstract work exploring the divide in human interaction in movement, space and time. This is Brew’s first full piece with the company in his role of Guest Artistic Director. The UK-based choreographer first worked with AXIS in 2011 when the company enjoyed a huge success with his Full of Words, which went on to become a favorite on the company’s tours.




what if would you (2013)

Choreography by Victoria Marks



Ricochet (2012)

Choreography by Sebastian Grubb



Full of Words (2011)

Choreography by Marc Brew / Original Score by Dan Wool

“As if peering through the windows of three different rooms, UK-based choreographer Marc Brew challenges us to think about how we might exist with each other in passion and conflict. The physical conversations, encounters and interventions told through Brew’s edgy, intricate movement vocabulary, ask questions of what it is to be human and who might dance.“- Judith Smith


find a way to fall II (2011)

Choreography by Sonsherée Giles

Commissioned for Yerba Buena Gardens Festival




The Narrowing (2011)

Choreography by Sebastian Grubb / Original Score by Michael Wall

The Narrowing explores the nature of performance itself from the performer’s perspective. Utilizing gesture mashing, deconstruction, shifting perspectives and obstructing views, we examine the meaning of dance presentation and how it establishes or breaks down specific relationships.” – Sebastian Grubb




find way to fall (2010)

Choreography by Sonsherée Giles

Commissioned by Yerba Buena Gardens Festival







ODD (2010)

Choreography by Shinichi Iova-Koga with AXIS Dancers

Collaboration between AXIS Dance Company and inkBoat

"Odd Nerdrums’s paintings generally feature the human figure most prominently, yet, there is a strong presence of land and sky and atmosphere deeply intertwined with the body. It’s this sense of non-separation that inspires me. We struggle to stand, we struggle with ourselves, we struggle to struggle. This is life. When we enter or exit this apparent world, our potential or our past becomes condensed into a sliver of time. We are the result of many lives, to which we are greatly indebted.  Thank you to Odd Nerdrum for providing this inspiration." – Shinichi Iova-Koga



Bounce Back (2009)

Choreography by Janet Das






Light Shelter (2009)

Choreography by David Dorfman, in collaboration with AXIS Dancers

"[I] would like to acknowledge Judith Smith and Mollie McFarland for the loving continuance of conversation that made this project possible; Annika Nonhebel, Christy Thomas and the entire AXIS family for attending to every detail flawlessly and congenially; the core cast of AXIS for putting themselves on the line day after day in pursuit of truths; all the collaborators for making bold and generous contributions; and to all “donors” who have facilitated a moving experience that I will never forget." -David Dorfman

Point to Something (2009)

Choreography by Sonsherée Giles in collaboration with the dancers.



Vessel (2008)

Choreography by Alex Ketley in collaboration with AXIS Dancers.

Vessel is a performance work using dance and voice to explore the concept that all aspects of our bodies, each and every cell, retain our memories and underlie our imaginations. In collaboration with AXIS, choreographer, Alex Ketley, and poet, Carol Snow, explored the idea that actual spoken language resides in movement and that a unique text could be accessed and accumulated through choreographed dance and directed improvisation. Vessel offered a fascinating collection of voices generated by the dancers from many different perspectives.  The dancers' spoken improvisations, drawn directly from movement, were recorded and then edited and organized by Carol Snow to provide the work's score.

To Color Me Different (2008)

Choreography by Alex Ketley



One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart (2008)

Choreographed and Performed by: 

Lisa Bufano and Sonsherée Giles of AXIS Dance Company

A Room with No View (2008)

Choreography by Sonya Delwaide




the beauty that was mine, through the middle, without stopping (2007)

Conceived, choreographed and written by Joe Goode in collaboration with AXIS Dancers.

Assistant Director: Jessica Swanson

"What do we see?  Is the actuality of the 'seen' entity ever close to what we presume it to be? Is 'seeing' somehow limited? Does it imply an unnecessary separation between viewer and viewed?  It has been my delight to explore these questions with my AXIS collaborators. I am indebted to them for their willingness to reveal themselves and to take this journey with me." - Joe Goode

Foregone (2007)

Choreography by Kate Weare



Dancing to Music (restaged 2006)

Choreography by Victoria Marks

"Dancing to Music was made in 1988 in the midst of a year-long Fulbright Fellowship in London.  This respite from New York came at a time when I badly wanted to strip movement down to it's most essential elements in an effort to better understand how meaning arises from movement.  When a friend played Wim Mertens' music for me, I wondered if I could dance to the music with my eyes, alone.  It was through the act of seeing that I felt I could best approach the emotional intensity that i heard in the music." – Victoria Marks

Waypoint (2006)

Choreography by Margaret Jenkins with Melanie Elms







Room 5600 (2006)

Choreography by Sean McMahon

In the process for Room 5600 we have studied the intersection between text and movement. All of the movement was generated from Ernesto Cardenal’s poem “Room 5600”. The movement vocabulary and timing were greatly influenced by the imagery and politics of Cardenal’s poem. The piece is about struggle. The dancers struggle with each other, with themselves. We all struggle through the choices that we make as we make our way through the world. 




Terre Brune (Brown Earth) (2005)

Choreography: Sonya Delwaide

The inspiration for this quartet came from the work of two talented women artists : composer/performer Joan Jeanrenaud and French Canadian writer Marie Savard. The words and music brought strong images that started from a personal stand to a more global point of view. The challenge with Terre Brune was to use only four dancers to convey a sense of community and to still be able to bring it to a level of intimacy. - Sonya Dewaide (2005)

Terre Brune (Brown Earth)

Some brown earth

Some water of salt

the city moves


And the city is wounded

woven with green steeples

and the city is of earth

stamped and restamped


the city moves


- Marie Savard translated by Sonya Delwaide



Two Lights  (2004)

Choreography by Alisa Rasera

Two Lights is a reflection of our earliest memories and how they attempt to define our history.  That history meets up with our present existence and alters our perceptions of what we thought the history was. In its simplest form, Two Lights examines the depths of a friendship and how it twists and turns over time.

Flesh (2004)

Choreography: Ann Carlson

Flesh is a performance meditation that draws its inspiration from three sources.  First from the mystery and hope in Meredith Monk's music.  Flesh is also loosely based on a short story by E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops.  Written in l909, The Machine Stops takes place sometime in this future.  In Forster's prediction, humanity lives in a giant underground, mechanized complex and is kept alive by the machine's intensive care.  The story unfolds around the relationship between a mother and son.  The mother along with most civilization, lives in glorious isolation, in touch with everything through swift technology; physical contact has become abhorrent and an encounter with the natural world tantamount to death.  Her son is subversively physical and manages to travel to the surface where he has encountered people still living on the earth.  It is here that Flesh begins, meditating on the survivors, the new surface dwellers who are clawing their way back through the memory of death and isolation to bring about yet another world, one without precedent, one with hope and fury.


Flesh is of course mostly inspired by the performers, themselves, who are their own kind of survivor and purveyors of a new world of radical physicality and outrage. - Ann Carlson

Decorum (2004)

Choreographer: Katie Faulkner




Air Mail Dances (2003)

Choreography: Remy Charlip based on his Air Mail Dance scores

FacesConceived and danced by Alisa Rasera

Instructions to New York (as it were) – Conceived and danced by Shelley Senter and Isabel Cristo

Text taken from Fortunately by Remy Charlip

Dance with Three StepsConceived and danced by Stephanie McGlynn and Stephanie Bastos

Stairs designed and constructed by Walter Holden, Dave White and Barry Monigle

Costume Design: Lourdes Almaguer

Dance in a Wing Chair – Conceived by Megan Schirle and Leon Setti ∑ Danced by Megan Schirle and David McCauley ∑ Wing chair design and construction by Mario Alonzo

into/in, too (2003)

Choreography: June Watanabe

This work was inspired by the fragmented interior/exterior human landscapes of Chagall.

The partnering material evolved from the dancers improvisation

Dust (2003)

Choreography: Victoria Marks in collaboration with the performers

Wheels (2003)

Choreography : Alisa Rasera



El ultimo adios (2002)

Choreography:  Nadia Adame

Sans Instruments (2002)

Choreography: Sonya Delwaide

Sale (2002)

Choreography:  Alisa Rasera



Secret Ponies (2001)

Choreography:  Stephen Petronio

Secret Ponies is constructed as a series of 7 vignettes that are the result of our research together over a five week period. It was created for these five women from a score, a set of instructions or guidelines. Like the mythical horse, the wild animal that rides through our imaginations, unleashing movement and transporting us to the undiscovered, these are our Secret Ponies.’

-Stephen Petronio

Suite sans Suite (Part 2) (2001)

Choreography: Sonya Delwaide

Do Something! (2001)

Choreography:  Sonya Delwaide

UpSyncline  (2001) 

Choreography:  Alisa Rasera and Megan Schirle



Fantasy in C Major  (2000)

Choreography by: Bill T. Jones



Chuchotements (Whisperings) (1999)

Premiered:  University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA

January, 1999

Choreography:  Sonya Delwaide

Descending Cords  (1999)

Choreography Directed by:  Joanna Haigood, Artistic Director of ZACCHO Dance Theater. 

Spring 1940

One tree another tree

Each standing alone and erect

The wind and the air

Tell their distance apart

But beneath the cover of earth

Their roots reach out

and at depths that cannot be seen

The roots of the trees intertwine

Ai Quing

Jane Eyre  (1999)  

Conceived, choreographed and written by Joe Goode in collaboration with the dancers





Ta Kala  (1998)

Premiered:  Summerfest/dance ‘98, Theater Artaud,

San Francisco, July, 1998.

Choreography Directed by: Stephanie McGlynn and Nicole Richter








Hidden Histories/Visible Differences  (1997)

Restaged:  Internat’l Festival of Wheelchair Dance, Dance Umbrella, Boston, MA

Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama, June 12, 1997

Directed by:  Thais Mazur     Assistant Director:  Leigh Lightfoot

Choreography:  Tim Dreher, Bonnie Lewkowicz, Michael Perrault, Nicole Richter, David Russell, 3Megan Schirle, Uli Schmitz, Judith Smith, Takeshi Sakuma








Hidden Histories/Visible Differences (1996)

Premiered: Bay Area Dance Series, Cowell Theater, San Francisco May 30-June 1

Directed by:  Thais Mazur     Assistant Director:  Leigh Lightfoot

Choreography:  Ingrid Bohnlein, Tim Dreher, Bonnie Lewkowicz, Michael Perrault, David Russell, Megan Schirle,     Uli Schmitz, Leon Setti, Judith Smith, Takeshi Sakuma

Historic Timeline: Nina Haft



of Air (1995) 

Premiered:  Walker Arts Center/Southern Theater’s ‘Out There’ Festival, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN, January, 1995

Directed by:  Thais Mazur

Choreography:  Uli Schmitz and Lynelle Sjoberg

Vida Sintonia (1995)

Premiered:  Walker Arts Center/Southern Theater’s ‘Out There’ Festival, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN, January, 1995

Directed by:  Thais Mazur

Choreography:  Nina Haft, Bonnie Lewkowicz, David Russell, Megan Schirle, Uli Schmitz, Judith Smith

Prayer (1995)

Premiered:  Railroad Theater, Nonosibirsk, Siberia

Directed by:  Thais Mazur

Choreographed by:  Stephanie McGlynn and Megan Schirle



Urban Survival (1994)

Premiered: Choreographer's Fellowship Showcase, Bay Area Dance Series, Laney College Theater, Oakland, CA

Directed by: Nina Haft

Choreography and Text:  Nina Haft, Lynelle Sjoberg, Judith Smith



The Way In (1994)

Premiered:  CAL Performances/University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives’  Off The Wall Series, University Art Museum, Berkeley California, February, 1995. 

Directed by:  Thais Mazur

Choreography and Text:  Nina Haft, Bonnie Lewkowicz, David Russell, Megan Schirle, Uli Schmitz, Lynelle Sjoberg, Judith Smith



Light (1993)

This dance is a study of illusionwith one dancer on roller skates wearing a floor length gown and the other dancer in a wheelchair.  The dancer wearing the roller skates appears to be hovering inches above the ground. Gestural dance is a major component, denoting the duality that each one of us faces.  Done in silence, a quote by Virginia Wolf ends the piece.

The Calling (1993)

Corazon Madura del Sombre (1993)

Premiered:  Bay Area Dance Series, Laney College, February, 1993

Directed by: Nina Haft

Ready To Go (1993)

Premiered:  Bay Area Dance Series, Laney College, February, 1993

Directed by:  Thais Mazur

Choreography:  Nina Haft, Bonnie Lewkowicz, Megan Schirle, Lynelle Sjoberg



Opening (1992)

6 dancers silhouetted to poem by Mary Oliver






Stares, Stairs, and Other Aberrations (1992)

This piece was premiered atthe San Francisco Exploritorium to show the navigation challenges and techniques of people using wheelchairs.  It is a humorous look at an inaccessible world and the many circumstances that someone using a wheelchair is forced to endure.

Navigation (1992)

An excerpt from Stares, Stairs and Other Aberrations, this dance focuses navigation issues on the street, at the airport, and in the grocery store for someone using a wheelchair.

Tellings (1992)

This dance was based on the stories of six women dancers in AXIS, three with and three without disabilities. Using their own voices and texts, the stories of these dancers present a deep and personal look at what it means to be a woman and find relationship to the world.  Original sound score by Amy X Neuburg.



Helix (1991) 

Premiered:  Dance Umbrella ‘Something Special in the Air’ Aerial Dance Festival, Boston Center for the arts cyclorama, April 1992  

Red Dress (1991)

This provocative and humorous dance shows the relationship between a woman with a slinky new red dress and a wheelchair - the wheelchair representing her intimate companion.

In This Body (Restaged 1991)



On The Rim of the Well (1990)

Bamboo Tiger (1990)

Ellipsis (1990)  



Wheels (1989)



Celebrating Life (1988)

In This Body (1988)