Teacher Training

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Teacher Training

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Teacher Training for Dancers, Professionals and Educators 

(Monday-Wednesday, August 8-10) - $300

Back by popular demand our teacher-training course will expand to three days this year and is designed for teachers of dance and experienced artists interested in developing their teaching skills in leading physically integrated dance in an inclusive and supportive environment.  Drawing on AXIS Dance Company’s creative practice, expertise and methodology in teaching physically integrated dance, we will be exploring the following areas in this three-day course: 

  • Open door policy - Removing any physical and emotional barriers that prevent people with disabilities from attending class
  • Universal language and communication
  • Exploring a variety of dance techniques, disciplines and approaches to teaching dance
  • Stripping away the myths of integrated dance for a realistic approach to teaching inclusivity
  • To challenge and be challenged - a mutual dialogue of respect between teacher and student
  • Body specificity - Working with different bodies to ensure all are challenged and learning
  • Develop useful tools and skills to put into practice
  • Ensuring best practice in physically integrated dance
  • Build teachers’ confidence and set up a teachers’ network for future support
  • Q&A time for discussion and feedback