"There is no more defiant a land that I can think of than AXIS. They showed me what dance could be."
Bill T Jones, Choreographer/MacArthur Fellow

"There are many talented dance companies that create strong engagement activities along with their performances, but there are not many that can create the kind of inclusive, immersive experience that AXIS Dance Company creates."
Anthea Scouffas, Director of Engagement/Education, Lied Center of Kansas

"AXIS has developed into a hotbed of urgent contemporary dance."
Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Chronicle

"Audiences unaccustomed to seeing such inventive movement generated from what could be considered limitation may find themselves re-evaluating their own ideas of artistic perfection."
Lucia Maro, Chicago Tribune

"Like much that is surprising in art … AXIS’s work instructs the viewer in how to appreciate it, and the lesson is delivered with cogent force: Sympathy is irrelevant. Forget what isn’t here, and pay attention to what is."
Bruce Weber, New York Times

"In an earlier era, AXIS was, understandably, set on justifying its existence. Today, the quality of the dancing takes your breath away."
Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Chronicle

"AXIS questions all of our assumptions about the possibilities of movement, subsequently expanding and enriching the art form itself."
John Killacky, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts 

"I found myself moved by the shear outrageousness of the performance -outrageous because it breaks open my assumptions and opens my eyes and my heart, to an experience of unity and cooperation that I had never imagined."
Louise Rafkin, The Daily Californian