Presenting AXIS Dance Company

New Work Feature: Alice in Californiland

Premiering October 25th - 27th, 2019 at Z SPACE, San Francisco

For over thirty years, AXIS has been headquartered in downtown Oakland, now the epicenter of gentrification, displacement and homelessness in the Bay Area. To respond to, and create dialogue around these realities AXIS will produce its biggest production to date. For his first international commission Artistic Director Marc Brew will work with renowned UK based choreographer Arthur Pita. Bringing his dance theater style to life in Alice in Californiland, Pita will creatively react to the realities of rampant displacement through the lens of Alice in Wonderland. As an artist, Pita has a wealth of experience in using folklore and fantasy themes to illuminate and challenge social issues.

A fearless visual storyteller, Pita's disturbing, nightmarish story will sit in a kaleidoscopic world of harsh reality and psychedelic fantasy in equal measure. Having worked together many times, he and London based costume and stage designer Yann Seabra have an aesthetic that effectively reaches audiences and invites them to look deeper at social issues and question our culture and society.

Now Touring: Radical Impact Tour

“Fearless and contemporary, inventive and reinvigorated.
AXIS is still breaking artistic ground.”
Claudia Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle

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AXIS Dance Company

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AXIS Dance Company

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“There are many talented dance companies that create strong engagement activities along with their performances, but there are not many that can create the kind of inclusive, immersive experience that
AXIS creates.”

-Anthea Scouffas, Director of Engagement/Education, Leid Center

“AXIS's integrated approach to artistry and advocacy is extraordinary and marks them as
leaders in the field
and change makers
to watch.”

-Kara Gibney, Senior Director of 
Community Action, Training and Artist Services