James Bowen, Company Dancer, looks into the camera. His head and shoulders are visible.

James Bowen is originally from Dallas, TX. Even though his love affair with dance began when he was only three years old, his technical training did not begin until he was a freshman at Kansas State University. He studied under the renowned ballet teacher Joyce Yagerline, among others. During the 2010-2011 season, James was part of the legendary modern company Dallas Black Dance Theater as well as HappyNia Dance Theater Productions. In the year of 2012, James moved to Southern California and joined “Inked”, a contemporary dance company based in Los Angeles. James and his husband moved to the Bay area in 2014. Since then he has been part of numerous dance projects such as the online TV show “Steady Mobbin”.

“Part of my excitement to be part of AXIS comes from knowing that I will be sharing the stage with dancers that, despite having different physical abilities, share the same goal of showing how powerful dance can be”.