Gregory Dorado, Rehearsal Director, looks into the camera. His head and shoulders are visible.

Gregory Dorado is a dancer, choreographer, actor, writer and director of new original performance works and films. He is a graduate of The California Institute of the Arts and founder of SHIFT, a performance collective. He has performed for choreographers Natalie Metzger, Stephanie Nugent, Daniel Sharon, Meryl Murman and Zoe Scofield. His film credits include an adaptation of Natalie Metzger’s Sacrament as well as starring along side performer Jordon Waters in an adaptation of Meryl Murman’s Le Pain. Gregory's performance and film work include several concert dance pieces as well as non-traditional immersive theatrical experiences that blur the line between dance, film, theatre and performance art. His work investigates universal human experience, community engagement, and his own identity as a queer artist of color.

"At AXIS my goal is to curate a healthy, productive and playful working environment for company members in rehearsal. We keep the repertory work at AXIS alive by searching for inspiration in the choreography, the process and, most importantly, each other."