Youth Camp

A dance and movement camp for youth age 13-19 of all abilities!
Hosted by AXIS Dance Company & Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP)

Coming  Summer of 2016 – stay tuned for dates
Berkeley  &  Oakland, CA  | 

AXIS Dance Company will offer a movement camp for youth with and without disabilities called Get inMotion!.

AXIS will team up with the popular BORP (Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program) to provide an unforgettable movement experience! Campers will spend the mornings outside cycling with BORP exploring local Bay Area biking trails. During the afternoon they will make dances with the world renowned AXIS Dance Company. Guided and taught by company members and teaching artists, the dance workshops interweaves body and mind and activates the physical imagination. Students will be encouraged in the creation of their own unique movement vocabulary as well as collaborative construction of dances. Classes will include warm-up, group awareness, and explorations to engage and enrich the creative process. The week will culminate in an informal performance for family and friends.

About BORP
BORP works to improve the health, independence and social integration of people with physical disabilities through sports, fitness and recreation programs. At BORP, we believe that sports and recreation provide a path to greater achievement to which all people should have access, and we continually strive to make this a reality.

 The Adaptive Cycling Program is an integrated program serving children, youth, adults and families. Non-disabled and disabled participants with mobility challenges and visual impairments participate together in organized group rides. With the support of our knowledgeable staff and dedicated volunteers, cyclists of all ability levels explore local Bay Area biking trails throughout the year using our large fleet of adaptive cycles, including tandems, hand cycles, recumbents, standard bikes and three-wheelers. Visit

This program is made possible through funding from:

  • The Dizzy Feet Foundation (TM)
  • The Rosemary Kennedy Internship Initiative a program of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and its affiliate VSA