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 Photo by David DeSilva.  Secret Ponies   Excerpt  2017.

Photo by David DeSilva. Secret Ponies Excerpt 2017.

Dear AXIS Community,

Many of you have heard that our Founder & Director, Judith Smith, is retiring February 28, 2018. 30 years ago, she and other young disabled and nondisabled dancers had a Radical Vision: Anyone can be a dancer.

They created AXIS as a physically integrated dance company and Judith became one of America’s leading pioneers of physically integrated dance.

Sustaining our Community Of love & Support

To continue AXIS' incredible work, honor Founder & Director Judith Smith, and support Marc Brew and the AXIS community going forward, we have created the Judith Smith 30 More Years of Breaking the Rules Innovation Fund with a goal of raising $1,000,000, over the next three years, with legacy gifts and multi-year donation pledges.

This Innovation Fund will support the following: 



Creating Artistic excellence through support for our dancers and new commissions with cutting edge choreographers, composers and filmmakers.


Continuing the development of innovative dance curriculum and outreach programs. This has made AXIS a world-renowned dance training organization designed to develop the future talent of physically integrated dance. 


Advancing equity in dance and performing arts and pushing back against the current of exclusion and the devaluing and defunding of arts, education and equity.


To continue to be at the forefront of the field, redefining contemporary dance with stunning and significant dance works. And, to promote our model of integration in dance, and in society, that transforms people’s perceptions of what’s possible.


As a thank you for Judith's dedication to AXIS and her fierce commitment to integrated dance and disability rights and for the profound impact she has had on our lives, we want to provide Judith with retirement income that allows her to be healthy, to stay in her home and continue to be a vibrant and, of course, a vocal part of our community.


Please join us in setting a course for the next 30 years of shaping the future of dance and disability. Please donate generously to ensure our Artistry, Engagement and Advocacy continues!