Alivia Schaffer, Company Dancer, looks into the camera. Her head and shoulders are visible.

Demarco Sleeper was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. In school, a mentor saw potential in Demarco to be involved in music and dancing. His high school show choir director then was a huge influence in being involved with musical theatre. Before ever taking any formal dance training, Demarco choreographed for the middle school show choir and high school basketball half time routines in the district from which he graduated. He worked with the Fine Arts Association in Mentor, OH choreographing for summer theatre. He was in two productions with FAA, “Peter Pan” and “Seussical.” In 2014 he joined the Dancing Wheels Company based in Cleveland, Ohio Demarco continues to be involved in his own music production, singing, rapping, recording and playing instruments. He began his first season at FullRadiusDance Aug. 7th 2017.

“What excites me the most about working with AXIS is having the opportunity to learn and grow in a creative and innovative environment, and I look forward to expanding my knowledge as an artist with the company.”