Dwayne Scheuneman shares his experience at Summer Intensive

Dwayne Scheuneman and AXIS Dancers                                                                                                                    Photo by Peter Dervin

Dwayne Scheuneman and AXIS Dancers                                                                                                                    Photo by Peter Dervin


AXIS Dancer Dwayne Scheuneman first connected with AXIS in person through our 2012 Summer Intensive program.
He shares his experiences with the program and how it influenced his work as a leader in the field of physically integrated dance. 

After dancing for many years in an area where there were very few dancers with a disability, I came to Oakland to take part in AXIS' Summer Intensive, looking to work with a variety of disabled and non-disabled dancers. It was there that I discovered a deeper understanding of what physically integrated dance is and can be. The AXIS dancers showed us participants how we could identify and highlight our uniqueness and individual moving styles, bringing our differences together to create dances filled with harmony and strong partnerships. 

After completing the Summer Intensive, I returned home excited. For the next two years I worked to share all that I had learned with the rest of my community. Then I heard that AXIS was looking for a new dancer. After a few phone calls and a visit to Oakland for an audition, I was invited to join AXIS as a full-time dancer. Now I'm touring and teaching AXIS' techniques and philosophy with beginning and experienced dancers around the country. Every class, performance and workshop I'm fortunate enough to bring into these communities introduces me to new people with different experiences, interests and stories. These inform my growth not only as a dancer, but as a person. 

Looking back, taking the AXIS Summer Intensive was an invaluable step for me towards becoming a more creative and understanding artist. It is a step that I'm eternally grateful for having been given the opportunity to take.

- Dwayne Scheuneman

Our 2016 Summer Intensive runs August 1-10, 2016, and consists of three different modules: Improvisation & Site-Specific Work; Choregraphy & Performance; and a Physically Integrated Dance Teacher Training. For more information and to apply, visit www.axisdance.org/summer-intensive.