Introducing Rebecca Fortelka, Social Media Coordinator

Rebecca Fortelka shares what led her to AXIS.

I was introduced to AXIS by former board president Deirdre Spencer at my Alma Mater, Holy Names University, in Oakland, CA. Deirdre showed me a YouTube video of AXIS on So You Think You Can Dance and I was captivated and wanted to find some way to get involved. As someone born with a disability and several chronic health issues, it was very empowering to see people who participated in a such a great art form and used their bodies in such a unique way. As a child I played challenger baseball and full contact wheelchair basketball (Murderball), so I appreciated AXIS' dancers commitment to the art form and what it takes to be an athlete. 

I joined the Board of Directors in 2012. I had a great experience for those 3 years, spear-heading some excellent projects with the staff and filling a much needed marketing and a social media void. I was able to learn a lot about the company and to apply my life experiences and marketing skills to advance AXIS' mission to change the face of dance and disability! 

I am super excited to move from the board to a staff role. My vision for AXIS is to establish more of an online presence while encouraging our fans to share our content and expand our reach. As Dance Magazine states, we, as the premier physically integrated dance company in the United States, have a lot to share both artistically and from a disability advocacy point of view. I look forward to working with our community to make that a reality. I look to you, our online viewership, for the content you would like to see. You, the audience, are a huge part of our success and for that we thank you for your support and loyalty!