Interview with Photographer Peter Dervin Volunteer House photographer at Edmonds Center for the Arts

While AXIS was in Edmonds Washington, we had the opportunity to be photographed by Peter Dervin. We are so thankful that he shared his talent with us and gave us these photos!

As I'm the volunteer house photographer for the Edmonds Center for the Arts, I have the opportunity to photograph and enjoy a variety of music and dance performance. As this was a dress rehearsal for AXIS, adjustments to the stage lighting and sound were being done. The luxury of photographing in this moment was my ability to work the auditorium. It also made for a quiet space in which the dancers could be heard. Their movements alone created an ambient sound that added to the performance.

The other unique aspect for me is witnessing such a performance through the camera. It's not just photographing the dancers but the space around them, as they say, framing the image. The dance itself was impactful, as it touched on the difficulties and challenges of those affected by conflict.

See a sample of his amazing photos here: