Touring with AXIS and Gregory Dorado

As AXIS continues its final leg of the to go again tour, the brand-new AXIS Rehearsal Director, shares experience coming to the company and training dancers. 

Edited by AXIS Intern James Severson

Gregory (back R) departing on tour with Dwayne Scheuneman (left) and Marc Brew (Front)

Gregory (back R) departing on tour with Dwayne Scheuneman (left) and Marc Brew (Front)

What brought you to AXIS?

I was drawn in by the company's simply-stated yet radical idea, "AXIS exists to change the face of dance and disability". What a profound concept, to make change in the world by simply existing! That ferocious yet elegant idea was the kind of "something" that set AXIS apart for me. These dance makers are provocative, powerful and blow open the limits that define contemporary dance by simply being who they are, full of vigor, grace and the truth of their identities through and with their bodies. If that isn't the essence of dance, I don't know what is. I knew I had to be a part of that! To learn, to grow and to be useful in my own way as part of something brilliant, in the truest sense of that word.

How excited were you to go on tour?

My job, as the company's new rehearsal director, is never short of excitement. I get to come in every day, work with some of the smartest, most talented people I know, and chew on big, mighty concepts together in the studio. It's a dream come true! Getting to hit the road and share all of that blood and sweat with the world is the extra-delicious icing on an already pretty decadent cake. Before we set out on tour I was excited to share the hard work the AXIS dancers put in this season and that excitement has only grown since then.

How is the tour going for you?

Being out in the world with this group of artists has exposed me to even more communities passionate about the possibilities of the human body in all it's variations. That exposure alone has made an already mind and heart opening tour experience worth it.

Another huge highlight has been the privilege of touring with Guest Artistic Director Marc Brew and our Technical Director/Designer Pat Mahoney, who make such a well oiled artistic team, it's a joy to be a part of that energy. This tour is teaching me so much about the dance artists at AXIS and the actual practice of AXIS Dance Company's missions and goals outside of performance, including our youth programs, physically integrated workshops, teachers training and veterans workshops. Every day with AXIS is another opportunity to grow and innovate and it is a privilege to be in that environment amongst these artists making work that has real impact.

When all is said and done, the tour is only serving to ignite an even bigger passion in myself for AXIS and an almost overwhelming excitement for all the projects coming in 2017!

Gegory Dorado is current Rehearsal Director of AXIS Dance Company, a dancer, choreographer, actor, writer and director of new original performance works and films. He is a graduate of The California Institute of the Arts and founder of SHIFT, a performance collective. His work investigates universal human experience, community engagement, and his own identity as a queer artist of color.