This September make Monday your Danceday at AXIS

We are excited to present two fabulous instructors providing new dance styles and classes at AXIS. Join us this September for a  lunchtime Feldenkrais Method® class by Christine Germain and the Monday Night Series How Did We Get Here an Improvisational Contact Dance Class by Stuart Philips.  Register here for classes

Awareness Through Movement Classes for every body! (Feldenkrais Method®)  taught by Christine Germain Mondays 1-2p on 9/22 and 9/29 @ Malonga Center in Oakland $15/class

Do you find yourself holding extra tensions? Do you have patterns that make these tensions or even injuries re-occur every now and again? Do you find yourself limited in some of your motion or you think you're not flexible? Come and find new easy ways to access and expand your range of motion. Not only will you find each movement more pleasurable, but by doing so, you will be rewiring your nervous system to create new movement pathways and discard the unnecessary effort.

Christine Germain is a movement explorer, dancer and choreographer. She takes pleasure in discovering new ways to move. She is intrigued by how people move by themselves, in relationship to others and space. After traveling and studying various dances around the world, Christine earned her BFA in dance from Concordia University (Montréal, Canada) in 2007. The Feldenkrais Method ® helped her to recover from a serious injury and a car accident, which allowed her to get back to dance and to start learning circus arts. This convinced her to become an instructor and practitioner of the Method. She Graduated in 2013 from a MFA in choreography at UC Davis and currently teaches at the Berkeley Rep School of Theater.


Improvisational Contact Dance Class Series, taught by Stuart Phillips Monday nights 6-7:30 on 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, and 9/29  @ Malonga Center in Oakland $15/class

How Did We Get Here. This Contact Improve (CI) class series delves into how we approach & survive/thrive in dancing connection, what helps us be ourselves in connection, true to our nature always.  This class is open to all.

Stuart Phillips is & has performed & taught improvisational contact dance for over 27yrs as well as improvisational techniques through dance for over 33yrs throughout US, Canada, New Zealand & Europe.  His focus stems from psycho/emotional aspects of personal relating and improving upon those through physical/energetic awareness techniques, ie, ‘getting what you need’.