The People Have Spoken

Last weekend, we at AXIS had the great privilege and immense pleasure of sharing our work with more than 800 community members during our 26th annual home season run. Over the course of Realign the Curve’s debut weekend, the seats of the Malonga Casquelourd Theater filled to bursting, with an eclectic mix - everyone from seasoned AXIS-for-lifer’s to the un-anointed first-timers, the newly-converted to the casually-interested and the curious passerby’s. If you made it to one of the performances, you may have noticed a yellow audience survey tucked in your program, or a whiteboard in the corner of the lobby with a haphazard sprinkling of sticky notes and the question, “How did this performance change the way you think about dance?” Though not the centerpiece of the evening, for us, audience feedback is one of the most valuable things we receive any time we share our work, so we were delighted to receive so many thoughtful responses.

In fact, some of the responses we received were so wonderful we just had to share - here are just a few of the things you said:

Out of the nearly 900 community members who attended at least one performance of Realign the Curve, 121 left yellow survey responses. Seventy out of these 121 survey respondents were brand new to AXIS. They tended to be fairly impressed with the show:

The vulnerability shared felt and seen was like no other dance performance I’ve seen. Thank you. 

I have never enjoyed a dance performance as much as I did this one. I was emotionally moved by the heart and soul of each dancer. It was thrilling.

Amazing performance! Bravo! 


Out of those 70 AXIS first-timers, Realign the Curve was the first ever dance performance for at least 11 of our audience members. A couple put the experience quite simply...

More joy.


 ...while others chose to elaborate:

Absolutely beautiful performance. 

Thank you! I am forever transformed.

One of our younger respondents (age 6) wondered: HOW DID THE DANCER GET OUT OF HIS CHAIR AND BACK IN?

Another informed us that: I never knew pepole in a weelchair can dance.

Even the sentiments of our more seasoned AXIS community members tended to support this sense of wonder:

WOW…once again, WOW

Dance has no limitations.

But of course, this is only a tiny taste of the many and varied responses we received. Over the next few weeks we'll continue to sift through your responses and share some of the thoughts that came up, as well as attempt to answer some of your questions. So to our young fan wondering about how Joel managed to get in and out of his chair during Divide, and everyone else, too - stay tuned!

Didn’t get a chance to fill out the survey but thought of a question you’d like to ask the company? Didn’t make it to the performance but got something on your mind? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment or email us at