AXIS Dancers Take Gensler's Headquarters by Storm

An exciting transformation in the AXIS Downtown Oakland office is brewing! Our Facebook friends may have already caught the first taste of AXIS' upcoming office makeover (check it out here). The project, generously spear-headed by Gensler Architecture Firm of San Francisco, seeks to transform our Downtown Oakland office space from it's current less-than-inspiring pallor to a dynamic and exciting space better able to support the boundary-breaking work we strive to create.

In honor of this partnership, on January 30th, AXIS dancers took Gensler's San Francisco headquarters by storm, transforming the firm's office into an impromptu improvisational performance space. As the dancers darted down hallways, moved in and out of conference rooms, and wove through groups of observers, they created a personal close-up experience that left people amazed and enchanted. In the up-coming project, Gensler intends to bring a similar transformative brilliance, albeit more permanent, to the AXIS office make-over.

DSC_0057Audience watches dancers in Gensler office

Pictures of AXIS Dancers in Gensler office

The event raised more than $3,800 to support the exciting makeover, which Gensler San Francisco is designing as a pro bono project. This money combined with the generous in-kind donations will finance some wonderful changes – including better storage areas, ergonomic desks and chairs, wall graphics and more.

As AXIS gears up for our Home Season Performances, April 11-13 (you can get tickets HERE), Gensler is in the final phases of finalizing the design and are planning a hands-on construction weekend for the end of April, after the Home Season.

A big thank you goes out to the wonderful team at Gensler for spear-heading the project, and to all the generous donors! Stay tuned for more updates on making this exciting project a reality, and contact us if you have any questions or are interested in getting involved!