A message from the road from our Dance Apprentice Tanja Erhart. The dancers are hosted by Sunnyview rehab in Schenectady, NY Howdy Schenectady! Here we are after a magical flight to New York State we found an open pizza place at 01:30 nearby to our hotel. Lucky we, cause we were starving and as a result we got a special made veggie pizza with no cheese, not kidding, it was the best ever! A good 6 hours sleep later we were ready for tech rehearsal at Proctors GE Theater with Marly floor and super nice people all around the theater space!

Yes it's true (I have to remind myself from time to time), I'm not dreaming - I'm touring and performing with AXIS Dance Company! In German we'd say what a "Glücksschwein" I am ... Oh yeah, I'm really lucky and happy!