AXIS' Fall 2013 Intern!

AXIS Intern photo     When I got the call from AXIS in regards to receiving the fall internship position, I was ecstatic!  My recent life in the Bay Area (2years) has brought about various experiences and opportunities most of which have been serendipitous paths of the heart. I moved to San Francisco from Southern California to attend SF State as a Communications major and Dance minor. Some of my research of the city included scouting dance studios/classes. I came across an array of studios, dance company’s, ect; but I specifically remember the moment I stumbled on AXIS’ website. This jaw-dropping encounter sparked my curiosity, which of course lead me to youtube. I was so amazed by the mere idea of a dance company that incorporated both able and disabled dancers. Before that moment I had never considered the diversity that the realm of dance and movement offers. So much of my social perception of disabled individuals has been constructed on the idea that a disability is a disadvantage, but watching those videos and hearing the mission statement of AXIS Dance Company deconstructed the notion of what dance has been and redeveloped the subject to incorporate the possibilities of every body type.

So of course the call was nothing short of an honor to receive. I have been in the AXIS ‘headquarters’ for about a month now and the experience has been eye opening. My view of the behind-the-scenes aspect of the company has become increasingly interesting. There is an impressive balance of logistics and artistry in this organization. A great example was September’s Silent Auction. There was a stunning preview of a choreographed piece by Alex Ketley, which will later be filmed. Alex invited the audience members to sit on stage and have the close encounter and experience that the upcoming AXIS dance video will embody. This captivating performance and event could not have existed, however, without the support of the leading ladies of AXIS: Christy, Annika, and Laurie.  The collaboration between them and their projects is admirable. No matter how busy a day gets with deadlines and check lists, there is always a moment we share with one another; whether it be a chocolate break or a chai tea latte date. The level of teamwork, support, and creativity truly saturates the environment.

Axis Intern Photo

So far this internship has correlated well with my life outside the company’s office. I am currently in a yoga teacher training certification program and also in my last semester at SFSU. These paths have solidified my interest and passion to pursue a career that provides the community with a space where they are encouraged to explore and expand their awareness of their body, to acknowledge the capability of all human anatomies.


I couldn’t be more honored to be apart of such an innovative and original organization.