Chronically Ill but Chronically Awesome!

AXIS has a wonderful Board of Directors! Once in a while we love introducing one of them to you. Meet Rebecca Fortelka: rebecca

I was invited to join AXIS’ Board of Directors in January of 2013 and it could not have come at a better time because it was 2 weeks earlier I was diagnosed with 13 chronic illnesses and that was on top of my Cerebral Palsy that was a result of a birth injury. I was feeling pretty down because the hurdles to recover seemed too vast and I would never be able to be active like I was as a child or teen. But I was inspired by AXIS and the work they do to inspire and educate people through dance and empowerment.

I am a lover of technology and all things Web 2.0 so I felt even though I was in a lot of pain and recovering from a lot of different issues I could really bring a lot to AXIS through my love of social media and marketing. When having a disability and using a wheelchair sometimes I feel like using technology is my own way I can get my voice across without being judged.

Now, I am about 7 months into my time at AXIS and I love every minute of it because for the first time in my life I am truly a part of team that can make a difference and inspire others.

Recently we had a dancer and board mixer and I finally had a chance to meet all of the Dancers and Friend of AXIS I was welcomed with open arms by everyone and was actually having tough day so it was great spend the evening with such an amazing crew of people! Since that event I have kept up with mostly everyone on social media and we have created quite a bond.

In closing, I want to thank AXIS for bringing some light into my life during a really dark time in my life and I look forward to continue to do great things with the group!