Meet Interim Marketing & Development Manager Laurie Sanchez

Those of you who have been following AXIS for a long time might have seen her at performances, board meetings, receptions or classes: Laurie Sanchez our Interim Development & Marketing Manager. Learn a bit more about our newest power house in the office and join me in welcoming her! - Annika Guest post by Laurie Sanchez.

laurie The amazing, slightly embarrassing truth is that I moved to the Bay Area--decades ago--for this job: arts administrator in a performing arts (preferrably dance) organization. Ta da!

My bio includes childhood in Venezuela (si, hablo Espanol), college switch of Poli Sci and the road to lawyerhood for Modern Dance and the free spirit of Isadora Duncan, a U-Haul to Texas to start a dance company and fairly speedy retreat back to the socially and creatively liberal Bay Area--this is most certainly HOME. I'm a proud alum of the Mills College masters program in dance, but ended up somewhere on the corporate ladder being one of the rungs that connected making technology with actually using it. I loved helping that "relationship" work and, for the most part, it allowed me to support the Arts in other ways--audience, volunteer, Board member, donor.

This is when I first saw AXIS at Ft. Mason in the season that premiered Stephen Petronio's "Secret Ponies"--Bonnie, Megan and Judy regally facing the audience, the mirrored cane descending from the "sky," forgetting to think about abled/disabled in the flurry of dance. It was life changing.

Throw in some adventures in telecom and internet startups and I think I get to say I'm seasoned. I like to think the forks and bends, retraced steps and adventurous leaps I traversed in these intervening years, are a part of my true qualification for joining AXIS Dance Company as Interim Development & Marketing Manager. I've housed dancers, joined the Board, joined Friends of AXIS and now I get to really be inside!

I'm so excited to offer my passion and experience to tell our stories, reach new people and be a part of this change I want to see in the world!

I'd love to hear your story: What's your favorite AXIS dance or special memory? How did you discover us? Leave your comments below or email