Hello Wyoming

This Thursday the dancers left for Wyoming to teach and perform at the University of Wyoming. Tanja Erhart, our apprentice form Austria, reports on the first day of travel... We are here, we are safe and it's so pretty. Hello Colorado! :)

The flight was short and sleepy for the most of us. The landing was kind of turbulent due to the stormy clouds ... they were beautiful though! 20130726-164356.jpg We got our two beautiful white Ladies (cars ;) and headed off to Wyoming. We had a two hours drive from Denver with a beautiful landscape and stoneformations I've never seen before! Before we left California for Colorado, poeple told me: "This is gonna be more like the 'real' America!" and I was quite curious what they mean by that! 20130726-164612.jpg Arriving at the airport and reclaiming our luggage I knew it! The voice coming from the speakers let appear images of a western storyteller in my mind with all the cowboys on horses and a lasso in their hand and driving to Wyoming we saw commercials with cowboyhats, cowboyshoes and steaks right next to them. This all is gonna be an exciting trip, I have the feeling! Maybe got to know some cowboys and cowgirls too, but definitely some dancers tomorrow at the festival! I'm pretty excited!!! :)) - Tanja 20130726-164636.jpg