Dancing "with" other human beings

this is a guest post by Sophie Stanley

When AXIS opened up their studio doors to anyone who was curious to know what their company class looked like , I , and a large cluster of bay area dancers, wandered in. Having worked with UK based integrated group Stopgap Dance Company, for several years before relocating to California last year, I was interested in learning more about how AXIS operates. The classes I was able to take part in, led by Sonsheree and Sebastian, saw us improvising freely and independently, interacting, creating and problem-solving with with each other, and exploring our individual quirks and learning processes to understand one another a little better.

Having taught in the community with very similar objectives and values myself, I was very happy to be on the receiving end, to explore and enjoy the environment they were creating. I have taken many classes since arriving here in the bay area, and it's easy to spend the entire session working very hard, trying to learn movement sequences and position yourself somewhere in the room where you can see the teacher, but rarely feeling as if you are really dancing 'with' the other humans in the room. After taking part in company class with AXIS I truly feel as if have integrated more fully into the dance community here. It is a great feeling to have a style of teaching, and a method of working that you hold in such high regard, have the very effect on you that you always hoped it was having on everyone else. Ahhh the power of dance! Thank you dance and thank you AXIS!