Saying Goodbye is Never Easy...

AXIS Dance Company Group ShotToday I am writing to share some bittersweet news with all of you. Mollie McFarland, my partner in growing AXIS for the past 11 years is leaving July 1st to pursue new career opportunities.

There really aren’t enough words to adequately thank Mollie for the expertise, commitment and passion she has brought to her ever-evolving position here.  Her accomplishments are too numerous to summarize but I can say she has been a major part of the reason AXIS is the flourishing company we are today.  AXIS could not have gotten where we are today without her.

As Mollie moves on to next exciting chapter in her life, all of us at AXIS want to thank her for the memories she has helped create.  She will be greatly missed and we wish her much success in all of her future endeavors.  If you would like to send your well wishes to Mollie, please feel free to email her at molliem77 at gmail dot com.

Warmly, Judy


Dear Friends:   MollieAfter eleven wonderful years as Company Manager, Managing Director, Development Manager-Director with AXIS, I am departing AXIS to pursue other professional opportunities starting July 1, 2013.

Words can barely express how much gratitude I have for the AXIS community, for Judy Smith, for the wonderful staff, dancers, and Board in supporting me in my professional growth over these many years. AXIS is truly a gem in the Bay Area community and in the national dance scene. My thrill at watching AXIS grow and thrive has only been matched by my pride at being part of such a phenomenal organization. 

I will be taking with me so many warm memories of the interactions I’ve had with AXIS fans over the years.  Not to mention memories of the ways in which AXIS has touched communities across the US and affected social change through their artistry and outreach. In 2002, still a dancer in transition, I was looking for a job that would keep me connected to dance.  I had no idea that in AXIS I'd landed a job that would prove to me the power of dance to make a real difference in people's lives. It has been a joy and privilege.

I hope to keep in touch with all of you friends, colleagues, dance lovers in the future, molliem77 at gmail dot com.  I’ll definitely be seeing you at AXIS events!

 Mollie McFarland

Pictured From Left to Right. Bottom Row: Mollie, Judy, Joel, Annika. Top Row: Christy, Tanja, Sonsherée, Laurie, Juliana, Sebastian, Mark Travis, Emily