Reflections on April

Vic Marks and AXIS Were you unable to attend our April performances? No problem!! We recently asked some AXIS fans who mentioned they were interested in blogging to reflect a bit on their experience with AXIS and the 25th Anniversary Performances in April. Here are some of their thoughts and reflections:

Joel dancing for AXIS

"I first heard about AXIS through Education Director, Annika Presley. This was my first performance that I attended, and what I liked was that it featured good dance first and foremost.  Not just dance that is so sweet because it "includes" people with physical disabilities.  I feel AXIS has moved beyond that initial desire to serve all populations, and now have said, we are all equal, expressive dancers. The dancers with disabilities have strengthened other aspects of movement that those without those limitations might not be able to achieve or understand.  The one piece I enjoyed the most, caused me to look at the human body, and it's appendages, in an entirely new way.  It was expressive dance first and foremost. Seeing AXIS in April made me want to explore movement further in my own art form."  - Michael


"I first heard about AXIS from a Tri-Valley Times article about the recent dance

AXIS Dance Company in the Bathtub

performance. I love that someone in a wheelchair can “dance”.  How do you choreograph that?

After seeing AXIS, I am much more informed about a side of a disabled person I had never seen before – dance. The April performance made me feel joyous just as a dance performance by Paul Taylor Dance Company can.

I thought about attending the Monday evening dance class, but, alas, I have not followed through.

Keep-up the good work for I don’t know of any dance company doing what you do.  I even sent a copy of the April dance performance article to a patient of mine who uses a wheelchair.  Just wanted him to know. "  - Richard

(Richard - we'd love to see you at an AXIS class soon! And thank you for helping us spread the word!)

Photos Courtesy of Ren Dodge