Meet Ali, AXIS's Summer Intern

Ali Meyers-Ohki, Summer Intern 2013 I am delighted to begin my internship with AXIS which will last through the summer intensive (August 10th). I first learned about the company by happening upon a free outdoor performance at the Yerba Buena Gardens on a trip I took to San Francisco last July. I was still considering moving to the Bay Area from the East coast at the time and my trip took on an investigatory quality. I was moved and excited by the performance and it stood out as a highlight of my visit.

Several months later I drove across the country to Oakland where I have lived for the last six months. As someone who loves to dance, one of the first things I look for in a new place is interesting classes, workshops, or shows. Upon my arrival, I began researching Contact Improv jams, modern dance classes, contra dances, and local dance companies that I might involve myself with. Remembering the performance I witnessed in the city, I looked up AXIS, saw an internship opportunity listed on their website, and applied.

Dancing is one of several passions I hold dear. I love to write and majored in Creative Writing at Oberlin College where I also did a considerable amount of peer support, education, and awareness raising work around issues of sexual violence. I have also spent several seasons working on organic farms and am currently encouraging various greens, herbs, and flowers to grow in my backyard. While they may seem disparate at first glance, all of these interwoven interests are intimately connected in my lived experience and have all informed my commitment to social justice. As I make my way out of the privileged sphere of college life, I hope to contribute to dismantling dynamics of power and oppression that result in dehumanization, silence, and violence. I see the artistry and commitment of AXIS as a clear example of the endlessly interesting possibilities that open up when we choose to acknowledge stigmas around issues like disability, but refuse to let them define or silence us.

So far, it has been a lovely introduction to what I trust will be a rich and rewarding experience. I am excited to learn what it takes to make a dance company like AXIS tick - both functionally and artistically.