Hey Jo!

Friend of AXIS JoTell a bit about yourself?My name is Jo Moffatt, I am from Brighton in England, but have been living in San Francisco for almost 2 years now. I live with my husband, Andrew and our black and white cat, Monstey. Back in the UK, I worked in the dance industry for many years as a dance teacher, Youth Dance Project Coordinator, and most recently spent 3 years as the Company Manager at Henri Oguike Dance Company in London. Andrew and I now own a Veterinary hospital in the East Bay, where he takes care of the patients and I take care of the marketing and advertising!

When did you first hear about AXIS? I first heard about AXIS Dance when I moved to San Francisco in 2011 and started researching local companies to go and see and get to know. After my first AXIS performance and meeting the company, I knew I wanted to get involved with them. It was at a similar time that AXIS was introducing the Friends of AXIS (FOA) Committee and I jumped at the invitation to be a part of the group!

What do you love about AXIS? For me, AXIS is a constant reminder that we should keep focused on all the things we can do in life, as opposed to what we can’t do. People’s perception of disability is that it limits a person's movements, senses, or activities; for me AXIS challenges these limits and continually pushes the boundaries. AXIS performances always leaves me inspired, totally captivated and wanting to see more.

What are you most excited about being on the Friends of AXIS Committee? I am thrilled to be a part of developing AXIS as a company – increasing audiences and raising money and awareness. It is also a great place to make news friends and acquaintances and be a part of the dance and disability communities. I must say, I am most excited about our next performance and seeing what the company does next!

How do you think being part of AXIS has changed you? Primarily, it has filled the hole in my life, which leaving the dance industry left behind. Being a part of AXIS makes me feel connected to the dance world that I love. Being a part of AXIS has also opened doors for me into a welcoming new community that I have never really been a part of. It has made me feel fearless and strong and reminded me that with a positive attitude and sheer determination, we can overcome anything that life throws at us.

What is your fondest AXIS memory so far? My fondest memory of AXIS so far has to be the 25th Anniversary event that the FOA committee organized in April of this year, honoring Judy and all of her incredible achievements. It was such a wonderful event and every member of the committee worked so hard to make it a great success! It was great too see so many people there in support of Judy and her work and to hear the fabulously entertaining tales of the company’s history!

Why should someone join the Friends of AXIS Committee? To become an ambassador for the work of AXIS and to help us all spread the word about their dance, education and training opportunities. Being a FOA you gain privileged access to an amazing world of positivity, inclusion and warmth. The pride you feel watching the performers, and the reward you feel from being a part of it all, is more than reason in itself!

Anything else you like to share? Thank you to AXIS and Judy for letting me be a part of their journey! Thank you also to Mollie for all her hard work in leading the committee this far. Bring on the next 25 years!

Want to learn more about the Friends of AXIS Committee? Contact Mollie McFarland, Development Director, at 510-625-0110 or mollie@axisdance.org