Flashback Fridays: Jane Eyre (2000)

12 years ago our first collaboration with Bay Area's own Joe Goode was loosely based on the famous Jane Eyre novel and explored the tribulations of inter and co-dependency.  This work had all the elements of a Joe Goode piece—humor, satire, poignancy, gesture, fabulous partnering and dance. [You'll enjoy seeing Judy Smith featured as well!] Below, Joe Goode shares his thoughts about his first collaboration with AXIS:


"Working with AXIS has taught me so much.

When Judy first approached me I was flattered but skeptical – what did I know about differently abled people? And, more importantly, how could I contribute something new to the lexicon of this particular group? Thankfully, I overcame my self-doubt (with some gentle prodding from Judy) and I entered into collaboration with some of the most genuine and talented people I have ever worked with.

I was immediately struck by how funny and irreverent they all were. Hence, I was able to make a very tongue in cheek remake of “Jane Eyre”. It is always my intention as an artist to walk that fine line between comedy and pathos, and Jane Eyre, which is a story about class (the servile governess, the domineering landowner) is chock full of archaic ideas about men and women and many other things, not the least of which is Jane’s ultimate relationship with the disabled Rochester. This was all fertile territory for me and I loved what we made together. Of course, it raised eyebrows and made a few people rather uncomfortable, but Judy never wavered from her commitment to me as an artist or from her mission to present the myriad possibilities of dancers with disabilities."  - by Joe Goode