Video blog, Amy Seiwart's Collaboration with AXIS


Video blog, collaboration with AXIS from Amy Seiwert on Vimeo.

Here is a transcript of the video blog. Amy: "My comfort zone as a choreographer is working with classically trained ballet dancers and exploring the new places we can take the classical vocabulary. So with that in mind it’s not surprising that this new work with AXIS Dance has absolutely turned my process upside down. The AXIS Dancers and I have spent a couple of weeks in the studio just playing, the goal being to develop a common language and find a shared aesthetic. If you will this is learning how to speak before we really start trying to say something. And discovering what these dancers can do where both the possibilities and the limitations are hopefully, the dancers and I are pushing each other creatively to new places. These dancers are incredibly inspiring. There has been a lot of laughter. A complete commitment to process and to be honest a few crashes. For me I’ve had to let go of my standard, comfortable, creative, process and discover another. I’m very reliant on these artists to make choices to interpret movement from my own body and ways but will work for theirs. And some of the choices that they make have absolutely been breathtaking. This commission is absolutely terrifying and utterly inspiring at the same moment and there is no greater gift to an artist than that feeling. This has been a fantastic opportunity for me to grow."