Ever wonder what an AXIS' Intern does?

Check this post out from our intern! Are you interested in Interning for AXIS? We're taking applications until December 4th for our Winter Internship!

AXIS Staff with InternI am enjoying the internship so much and very grateful for the chance to be part of the AXIS team. The company as a whole is very inspiring and I'm learning so much about arts admin and life in general from the experience. I have been made to feel so welcome and been able to take part in things like talks with other dance organizations about disabilities in dance and tabling at events for other organizations and festivals in the area.

The time with AXIS has absolutely flown by! The company has been extremely busy over the past few months working with guest Choreographer Victoria Marks and has created some hot new choreography the which is both humorous and touching. All in preparation for AXIS' 25th Birthday in March.

The choreography was shown a couple of months ago as part of the Silent Auction/ Open Rehearsal which was a great success and the event was something I felt very special to be included in! There was a great turn out of people and everyone, myself included seemed to have a great night. It got slightly chaotic towards the end but the whole evening flowed pretty smoothly and was a great event so well done AXIS!

Over the past couple of weeks my main jobs have consisted of typing up the itineraries for the company's final few tour dates to LA. And helping to spread the word about the up and coming Family Show on the 2nd December and also Dance Access Day on the 4th December which has been fun to promote.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak at the new material AXIS is currently working on with another guest choreographer Amy Seiwert. The movement is simply beautiful and there was a lot more than I was expecting considering the company only started working with Amy last week! I'm very excited to follow the progression of this piece to see how it will turn out. So far, things are looking very good!

I'm making the most of my last few weeks with these wonderful people and taking everything I can from the experience. It has been nothing but exciting, fun and beneficial so far so let's hope it continues that way!