Join AXIS Artistic Director Judy: 10/13/12

HUMAN KIND Speak For Me: Voicing a Community Saturday, October 13th at 4 PM

ONLINE: Watch and Join the Discussion Here!

Tune in and join the conversation for the next installment in Joe Goode's Performance Group’s Human Kind Series. As Joe begins work on his newest piece, we want to involve you in the process of creation by discussing how we incorporate the stories of real people into the art. JGPG will host a roundtable discussion moderated by Joe and featuring notable local artists who have worked in a similar process.

The panel will discuss strategies, methodologies, and challenges of this kind of creative process while addressing the following questions:

  • Is it possible to speak for a community or to represent a community in one’s art? If so, who gets to speak? Is it only someone who is deeply embeded in that community?
  • Can an outsider observe/speak to a contested history?
  • When does representation end and exploitation begin?
  • In this time when so many artists are seaking social relevance in their art making, how do we balance artistic rigor and deep engagement with an underrepresented group?

Watch and join the discussion live HERE  - we’ll be taking your questions and comments live on our website and on Twitter (@JoeGoodeGroup) using #humankind.