A Moment with Emily...

Now that Emily has been around for a few months, we wanted to get to know her a bit more: Tell us a bit about yourself and your dance background.AXIS Duet, Emily and Juliana My first introduction to formal dance was at 7 years old when I started ballet, jazz, and tap classes. A pretty typical introduction for an energetic little girl. I danced for a few years but I slowly slid away from dance and into theater, then from on stage to back stage. I did musical theater in high school and got my bachelors in theater and film production. After college when the word "disabled" started to get thrown around and I couldn't will myself through all day all night theater shifts; I drifted over to fine arts. Eventually I got my MFA making digital and multimedia work. I now work as a graphic designer, writer and artist as well as dancing with Axis.

How did you first hear about AXIS? I first heard about Axis while reading over a Yerba Buena Theater performance calender. My husband and I had recently moved the the Bay Area from Colorado and I was itching to check out the art scene. I still remember that first performance I saw. Near the end of the piece Alice Sheppard did this sideways cartwheel thing out of her chair and it messed me up. I couldn't tell if I was shocked, mad, excited or impressed. I literally just sat there, lastingly flabbergasted, until I realized that people were standing up and clapping all around me.

After seeing that performance it took me a while adjust. I thought about my body differently. I flung myself back into dance, scavenging around San Francisco for classes I liked and where the teacher wouldn't look at me sideways. I took AXIS classes and summer intensives, as well as classes and workshops at ODC, Lines, and Kunst Stoff.

What do you love about AXIS? I love that dancing with AXIS is hard, that we get pushed, that there are ferocious expectations of quality and everyone is here to uphold them.

What are you most excited about as you begin with AXIS? Dance Film!

Dancing, Creating, AXISHow do you think working for AXIS will require you to grow? AXIS is their dancers. Joel is so strong, our little monkey, ever playful. Son crackles with unending energy and excitement. Seb is full of power and precision, body and mind. Juliana is a changeling, donning the cloak of anyone's movement and making it fit like a glove. I am not quite sure who I am yet. I love to dance but I never considered myself performance, much less teacher, quality. I am shy and bookish, a gamer and a nerd. So while brave with my body I lack the confidence that comes with accomplishment and experience. But this is only the beginning, confidence will come.