Forces in the Room

When choreographers come to work with AXIS they often bring the most interesting assignments for dancers. Recently, choreographer Victoria Marks visited AXIS for a day to play around and get to know each other as she anticipates creating a new work this fall. Sibyl O'Malley, a writer, also came along adding her own unique contributions to the day of play.

One of many playful assignments they completed that day was creating lists:

beginning with the Top 10 Greatest Forces in the Rehearsal Room included:

Wheels Hearts Tape Judith Electricity Floor Gravity Courage

broadening to Top 10 Greatest Obstacles in the World, Room and Ourselves included:

Fear Rejection Righteousness History Wall Habits Gravity Desire  

What are your ‘Top 3 Obstacles in the World, Room and Ourselves’?

Victoria Marks arrives on Tuesday August 28th to dive back in with AXIS. We can't wait!