Day Two - Jumping In

(Day 2 0f 7) Our AXIS website is down ( HELP!) but the Summer Intensive classes are in full swing! Here is a short report from day 2 of 7.

The day started with our AXIS technique classes taught by Emily & Juliana. They introduced a warm-up phrase that we will be building on throughout the week.

Warm-Up Phrase

After lunch Joel & Sonsheree lead an improv class focussing on shapes within our own bodies and in relationship to others and space.

Creating shapes in space

improvisation with shapes & space

For the comp part of the class Judy and Sebastian taught the dancers a section from "The Narrowing". After that they were paired up in trios and asked to manipulate the phrase with elements of timing, facing, repetition, canon & unison.

Judy & Sebastian teaching a phrase

"combing your hair"

I'm looking forward to the trios they will be creating throughout the week.

Annika Nonhebel Education Director