AXIS is thrilled to welcome apprentice Joel Brown!

Joel Brown, Dancer, studied vocal performance and jazz guitar at the University of Utah from 2008-2011. In May 2011, he released his first music album, "In Retrospect", under the Spy Hop Records Label. Joel grew up learning dance and gymnastics from his dancer mother and his gymnast father. At the age of 9, Joel was paralyzed in a car accident. He returned to dance in high school at the encouragement of his older brother Graham Brown, who was an MFA dance student at the University of Maryland.  Graham created a duet for the two, "The Better Half", which was commissioned by Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, MD. The  brothers have since performed the duet in Salt Lake City, UT, Takoma Park, MD, Silver Spring, MD, Washington, DC and at the University of Maryland.  The twenty-three year old singer/songwriter turned modern dancer finds passion in creating art, movement and music. Brown is the newest member of AXIS Dance Company having joined in April 2012. You can view some of Joel's music and dance videos on YouTube. Joel started with AXIS on April 30th, 2012 and had to jump right into rehearsal. We caught some of it on camera.