one of those life-changing experiences

Part of AXIS' mission is to educate about dance & disability. We do that a lot. The other day Bonnie and Annika taught a class to 3rd graders at a wonderful school in San Francisco. For weeks they've worked on disability & accessibility ( even becoming "accessibility detectives" ) and AXIS was invited to teach a guest workshop. We danced, we talked, asked questions and answered question, and had so much fun.  Here is a response from the teacher:

Thanks again to you (Annika) and Bonnie for such an inspiring workshop. That was what my students called it, "inspiring."  You both have such a powerful way of communicating with the kids. I had the sense while I was standing there watching them that this was going to be one of those life-changing experiences they remember for years to come.

I'm just sad I have to wait until next year to do it with another class."  3rd Grade Teacher

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