Sneering from the curb

We just came across this great post by our friends from James Madison University where we recently performed.  On their blog "be the change within.  they feature interesting, inspiring, innovative and creative people who are changing the world — one person, one project, one program, one life at a time. Let us know what you think...

By GRAHAMMB Have you ever pulled into a parking lot, found a space inconveniently far from your destination and fumed as a seemingly healthy individual bounded out of a handicap-tagged car only feet from the door? Have you sneered from the curb: What’s his disability? Well, I have. And although a common response might be to wonder if the individual is sufficiently disabled to warrant the privilege, the truth is more complicated.


What we often overlook is that not all disabilities are visible or immediately identifiable. That’s one challenge for JMU’s Office of Disability Services, which works to make sure every student with disabilities has a full and rich educational experience. read more