"Whooooooooa!" "Wow!" "Cool!" {...and inclusive!}

Post by Education Director - Annika Nonhebel Yesterday AXIS performed our assembly performance at a school in San Francisco in celebration of 2011 Inclusive Schools Week. This morning I received an email from the mother who arranged our performance at the school:

"Thank you guys so much for a truly awesome assembly.  The students were glowing and raving, the parents, staff and teachers were thrilled.  I could say more, but have a look at my blog post for the rest!  :)   My best, Catherine"

Here is her great post. Thanks Catherine for bringing us to your schools. Without parents like yourself we couldn't do the things we do.

"Whooooooooa!" "Wow!" "Cool!" {...and inclusive!}.

AXIS dancers Juliana & Bonnie during AXIS Assembly (c) Catherine Dauer