Sarah Woods: since home season...

Since our Home Season, I’ve been working A LOT with the surveys our audiences were asked to fill out after the performances. Thanks so much to all of you who did! You’re turning me into a salesforce pro! But more importantly, the information from the surveys lets us know who is coming to the shows, who we need to reach out to, what you did/did not like about the performance experience, and helps us keep AXIS fans up to date on future events.  One question asked you to contribute three words to describe the show. Here are a few of your top answers: “inspiring”, “powerful”,  “amazing!”, and “moving”. We had a lot of AXIS newbies in the audience this year— very exciting. We hope you stay in touch with us online and keep coming back for performances, classes, and workshops.

Home Season is over, but AXIS still has lots of events before the end of the year. Don’t forget to come to our FREE Dance Access Day on December 6th at the Malonga Caquelourd Center for the Arts. We have performances in the morning for the young ones, and an afternoon show for adults and seniors.  Check out our website’s performance page for more info

And really super important: AXIS Serious Fun starts this coming Monday, November 7th at the Malonga and there’s room for more! Come take class with us. Sign up by emailing our Education Director Annika Nonhebel,