Artists to Aspiration: Talking Integrated Dance in Chicago

Part of AXIS' mission is to educate and support physically integrated dance locally, nationally and internationally. It's with that reason that we hold our annual Summer Intensive; bringing together dancers from all over the world who want to learn more about physically integrated dance. It's always hard to let the dancers go back into "the real world" after working intensely with them for a week. But when they do go back to their own communities and pay forward what they learned, we know that true change and growth has taken place. That's why we are so honored, excited, and proud that AXIS SI alumni Jessica Martin will be on a physically integrated dance panel in preparation of AXIS' performance in Chicago. I asked her to write a short post about the upcoming event. -Annika, Education Director Guest Blog by Jessica Martin In the summer of ‘08 I got the chance to participate in AXIS Dance Company's Summer Intensive, and now I am proud to say that AXIS is coming to me. In preparation for AXIS’s arrival to Chicago on Nov 19th and 20th Access Living, an independent living center in Chicago, is putting together a panel through their arts and culture program called Artists to aspiration, a physically integrated dance panel. I am a dancer and choreographer for the Momenta program based in Oak Park, IL. Among myself will be the owner and artistic director of Momenta Academy of Movement and Music, the director of Dance Detour a physically integrated dance group in Chicago similar to AXIS and the famous Joffrey Ballet to name a few. Our goal is to share our expertise with the general public and to help make physically integrated dance more well-known among the Chicagoland area. My dream is that integrated dance will be offered in several locations around the area. All of us on the panel are very excited for AXIS’s arrival.

Jessica Martin with AXIS' dancer Alice Sheppard in AXIS' Summer Intensive 2008

From Aspiration to Artist a conversation about physically integrated dance in Chicago November 9, 2011, 5:00pm-7:00pm
 Price: Free Panel will take place at : Access Living
, 115 W. Chicago Ave., 4th floor
, Chicago, IL 60654