Sarah Woods- four weeks in..

I am now in my fourth week at AXIS and coming up on Home Season this weekend. I can’t wait to see the show, and the debut of Full of Words. Mark Brew, the first choreographer for AXIS to understand dance as an abled and disabled dancer, has really pushed them in new ways physically and broken the expectations of what this company can produce. It’s absolutely inspiring to be around.

I am ready for SERIOUS FUN, the workshop that’s to start in November. Being around these passionate, awesome people just makes me want to dance with them!

Behind the scenes, I am learning so much. I am just beginning to understand how a dance company stays afloat as a business. From creating flyers to using the mail merge function in word (woot!), it’s all about people—facilitating lasting relationships and getting the word out. I’m having a great time, to say the least.