>ODD Notes and provoked musings……

>by AXIS board member Chuck McAvoy

I was able to attend the two opening performances (Friday and Saturday) of ODD at the ODC Theater in San Francisco.I was able to talk to a few folks after the performance Friday night.It was interesting that about 50% of the audience on Friday were SF State dance students. Only one person had ever heard of AXIS and most were at the performance as part of a class they were taking.All had high praise for the performance and were very interested in how ODD was developed.

On Saturday I spoke to a couple who attended because they were fans of Shinichi Iova-Koga.They said they always try to see work done by Shinichi because it was always a surprise.The couple were both dancers and they really liked ODD.They were especially impressed by the integration of inkBoat and AXIS.They had never seen AXIS before and were stirred by the performance.

I was stimulated by the performance of ODD.I had unexpected emotions and felt at some points sad and at other points uncomfortable.The piece is powerful…The integration of AXIS and inkBoat was done well and the dancers combined to paint a compelling picture.

I was particularly impressed by the musical accompaniment by cellist Joan Jeanrenaud and the multi instrumental Dohee Lee.They brought an almost magical sound and feeling to the overall mood of ODD.

I plan on seeing ODD at least two more times at the Malonga Center this weekend.And I hope to see this piece as AXIS performs it while touring.In my opinion this is one of the best works of AXIS Dance Company.