AXIS Dance Company with consultant Debra Cash of Boston Dance Alliance, and our colleague Jo Verrent of Unlimited - the world's largest commissioning program for disabled artists ( - have collaborated on this compendium of information for artists, educators, producers, funders and others interested in the issues of dance that includes people with disabilities. 

Many of these references are found at, which includes some material on UK law and other topics that are beyond the scope of our efforts.

General Resources on Arts/Dance and Disability

Websites for Physically Integrated Arts Organizations and Disabled Artists

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Disability Arts: Practice, History, & Theory

  • Adaptive technologies and the built environment
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  • Verrent, Jo. 2011. "We are Astonishing: on Disability Arts." The Creative Diversity.
  • Whatley, Sarah The Spectacle of Difference: Dance and Disability on Screen

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Information on Training Programs & Teachers

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Disability & Audiences

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Funding Sources

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