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Photo by Adriana Oyarzun

Photo by Adriana Oyarzun


Assembly Booking

We have a limited number of dates available for Spring 2020: March 4th- March 31st.

Thank you for your interest in AXIS Dance Company's assembly program. We are currently taking bookings for assemblies in Spring 2020.

The fee for our assemblies is $985, for either one, or two back-to-back programs. Each event is 45 minutes. We prefer to have a full hour in the performance space beforehand to prepare, and approximately 20 minutes in between programs to transition students.

Thank you for your interest in booking AXIS Dance Company for your school! Please read the performance requirements below before submitting your booking request. For questions please contact our Community Engagement Manager, Mark Travis Rivera at

Assembly Requirements

Performance Space 
Assemblies can be performed either on a stage or on the floor of a gym or multi-purpose room. The floor must be completely clear and clean - NO concrete - NO carpet. Optimal space requirements for performance is 28ft depth x 34ft width. Performances that are on a stage must be wheelchair accessible and meet these dimensions. For performances that take place on the floor, it is best to seat students on the floor with a center aisle, leaving at least 4 feet of space between audience and performance space. AXIS can adapt to slight variations. If space does not meet these specifications, photos with dimensions may be provided to AXIS Dance Company. Room temperature should be between 68-78 degrees.

2 cordless mics (if possible), iPod hook-up with sound system. AXIS usually will run sound independently therefore the sound system should be located near the stage.

General lighting is fine.

Please leave at least 4 feet of space between performers and first row of audience. Please keep seating arrangement in front of the stage area and not surrounding it. This is to ensure safety for audience and performers.

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