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AXIS is proud to announce a report on The Future of Physically Integrated Dance in the USA. The report summarizes a three-year initiative that launched during AXIS’ 30th anniversary season to assess the current state of the field of physically integrated dance in the United States, articulate shared concerns with stakeholders across the country, and strategize for a future in which the participation of artist with disabilities is recognized as a matter of both aesthetic inquiry and social equity. 

“Now more than three decades into its emergence in the US, the field of physically integrated dance continues to grapple with issues of context, visibility, artistic quality, and professional development for dancers with disabilities” states AXIS Founder and Director Judith Smith.  This report highlights the findings from AXIS’ research, a national convening and six regional town halls across the country surrounding the possibilities for growth within the field of integrated dance.

The report chronicles issues that surfaced and were discussed along with actions being taken nation-wide in particular looking at ways to: 1) improve and expand training opportunities and develop pedagogy for dancers with disabilities; and 2) improve training and expand opportunities for disabled choreographers and nondisabled choreographers to work with disabled dancers or integrated ensembles.

“Significant momentum across the field has been established through this initiative including the development of an Affinity Group through Dance/USA” states AXIS Artistic Director Marc Brew.  AXIS was honored to have the opportunity and the support from activators, funders and partnering organizations in our efforts to unite the field and move integrated dance forward.  The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation provided major funding for the initiative with additional support provided by National Media Partner Dance/USA.  


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